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We are aware that you give your confidence in us.

We see this also that is our job to keep our responsibility to you to protect your privacy.

On this page we tell you what information we keep and how we deal with that information.

So you can understand how we work.

The privacy policy applies to BERG services. We are not responsible for privacy policy from others.

We do not retain any information from visitors unique or re-occurring.

We do however keep our client information after a purchase is done, also we offer non-clients to sign in on the newsletter this is on voluntary and own choose from visitor. If any of these data acquisition want's to be deleted, lease inform us.


BERG respects the privacy of all users on the WIX based website and takes cares of all personal information to provide us.


Use of our services

When you apply for our newsletter we do not ask you to provide personal information. We try to limit our newsletters to a minimum. We do not sell or provide any of your data to other website or users.



When you send e-mails to their is a possibility that these e-mails are saved.

Pease inform us if you want any of these e-mails be deleted from our database.

We save the e-mails for future response from other users or for own research.

We will not share any of the e-mails with other websites or users.



Cookies are not used to store information on your computer, so we do not have cookies.

Adjust/Sign out Newsletter

Please contact us if you wish to sign out from our newsletter.



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