Aggresive and lightweight Marathon & Olympic Crosscountry racer.

    It has been designed with a long front triangle for fast movement and excellent climing performance. Because of this, a shorter and lower angle stem can be choosen to get the maximum out of your performance. More front wheel control is added due to this elongation.

    The used carbon technology results in a very stiff frame without compromise on the weight. The carbon techniques alows us to go with less carbon with same strength ratio.

    Narrow rear tubing gives a slightly more flexible rear than traditional hardtail frames, while the front is build to take heavy impacts.

    Oversized tubes has been the standard for over 20years, mainly for stability and design. Now carbon has been evolving also over these years while we choose to go back to undersized tubing because the current carbon structures can hold with a huge amount of ease the stress of high impacts and reduces the flex like oversized tubes.

    We don't mass produce carbon frames, we do however take great care in each product. This includes the moulding and testing proces as well as the painting and inspection. We take pride about the finish of our products, please understand this when placing an order that some items take more care and time then others.


    BERG offers a warranty of 2 years from the purchase date of our products. We are sure that you appreciate that warranty and can only be claimed if you present the invoice of the purchase parts. Please return the defective part.

    The warranty covers defects of materials, it does not include damage due to normal wear and tear, improper use of non-compliance with the instructions. The warranty does not include liability for damages, in particular, for indirect damage as a consequence of accident, other indirect damage or consequential damage.

    See for more information about waranty


    Designed and engineered by BERG in Belgium

    Painted by M-level Belgium

    Graphic designs by Hasie and the robots

    Only one painted in 2022


    Not only the design but the special carbon techniques alows us to go this low in weight for a carbon mtb frame.

    The material used is Mitsubishi HR40 and Toray T800 and T1000.


    4-5 weeks after order recieved.


    30t,32t,34t no spacer required, 36t, 38t and higher spacer required.


    Pedaling forces (ISO 4210-5:2014, 4.3/EN 15194:2017,

    Vertical forces (ISO 4210-5:2014/ 4.5/ EN 15194:2017,

    Horizontal forces (ISO 4210-5:2014/ 4.5/ EN 15194:2017,

    Impact test falling mass (ISO 4210-5:2014/ 4.1/ EN 15194:2017,

    Impact test falling frame (ISO 4210-5:2014/ 4.2/ EN 15194:2017,


    Finish UD Satin Raw carbon look

    Carbon fiber Toray 1000, 800, Mitsubishi HR40

    Bottom bracket PF 92 (41mm) - not included

    Headset tapered fit 1 1/8" - 1 1/2"(42mm/52mm) integrated - optional see spares frame (upper bearing 42x30x6.5mm/45deg, lower bearing 52x40x7mm/45deg) - included upon availibilty

    Frame rear hub Boost 148x12mm

    Rear axle 167x12x1.5mm - included

    Seatpost 31.6mm

    Seatpost clamp 34.9mm - not included

    Chainstay Protection - included

    Frame Protection - included

    Internal cable routing

    Maximum Wheeltyre 29x2.4"


    M (17inch - 175-182cm) 960- 990g


    Do you wish to recieve another custom paintjob? Please contact us, we have a designer ready for custom paintjobs.