Ultra-light weight carbon handlebar designed for crosscountry olympic and marathon purpose. Unique design with wide inner centre results us to use less carbon on the outside and generates less flex.


    NAME: Mountainbike Carbon Handlebar

    MATERIAL: Carbon T800, 1000, HR40

    WEAVE: Uni Directional

    FINISH: Gloss or Matte

    LOGO: Black


    CLAMP DIA.: 31.8mm

    BACKSWEEP : 9deg.

    RISE: 0mm

    LENGTH: 760mm/620mm


    HANDLEBAR WEIGHT: 105gram +-2%

    * we advise to use 760mm because of the unique design

    * cut lines go to 720mm but you can go lower to 620mm if required.

    * Please state specific on order inquiry that we need to cut the handlebar or if you will do it.

    * Do not exceed 5Nm on the 5mm Stem bolts



    BERG offers a warranty of 2 years from the purchase date of our products. We are sure that you appreciate that warranty and can only be claimed if you present the invoice of the purchase parts. Please return the defective part.

    The warranty covers defects of materials, it does not include damage due to normal wear and tear, improper use of non-compliance with the instructions. The warranty does not include liability for damages, in particular, for indirect damage as a consequence of accident, other indirect damage or consequential damage.

    See for more information about warranty HERE



    Unique wide centre profile reduces flex in the handlebar and give us a lower weight result.


    Mitsubish HR40, Toray 1000, Toray 800


    PURPOSE: Marathon and Cross-country to all-mountain races. Enduro, freeride or downhill are not intended uses.

    CLAMPING ZONE: 200mm at each end


    STEM TORQUE: Max. 5 Nm

    ASSEMBLY: Make Sure that there the area is free of contamination, remove sharp edges or burns if they are present. Do not exceed the recommend torque for stem or grips. Tighten the screws of the handlebar clamp alternately and crosswise. Suitable carbon fitting lubricant can improve the twist resistance of the handlebar.

    IN USE: Check the bolts on a regular basis, inspect the handlebar for wear and tear, please inform us if any wear appears.


    Handlebar and stem assembly – Fatigue test – out-of-phase (ISO 4210-5:2014)

    Handlebar and stem assembly – Fatigue test – in-phase (ISO 4210-5:2014)

    Handlebar and stem assembly – Fatigue test – lateral bending test (ISO 4210-5:2014)