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We didn’t want to create something simple, we wanted to create a trustworthy and super lightweight masterpiece! More and more people are choosing for a dropper post on their cross country bike, so when they still choose for a solid seat post it should be worth it. Our seatposts come in at 105 grams, are strong, comfortable and are really good looking. In development we paid extra attention to overall aesthetics of the seatpost and the reliability of the saddle bridge.

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Solid, Comfortable and Light

A simple carbon rod with an aluminium saddle bridge is not how we see a high-end rigid cross country seatpost. The VASA is a state-of-the-art lightweight seatpost with carbon clamps and titanium bolts. It exists only in 31.6mm diameter and you can choose between 350, 400 or 450mm of length. The 400mm weighs 105 +-5 grams.

Weight 105gram

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