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BERG lightweight racing carbon products are guarantee warranty for 24 months.

If a quality problem occurs within 24 months, we are obligated to repair/ change components for free.

Also, is a crash or accident happens with your parts within 36 months, we are willing to give you new parts at reduced 40% discount online price.

This warranty is not transferable and only valid to the first buyer.

The FULL warranty expires 

1. Crashed or accidents

2. Mis-abuse (All mountain, Enduro, Downhill, all other than ASTM level 1,2 or 3)

3. Modification of the products (trimming, repainting, other decals than BERG, ..)

4. Tire pressure higher than 40psi or lower than 20psi

5. Normal wear and tear 

6. Inadequate follow-up or maintenance by an uncertified technician

7. Installation of parts or accessories other then recommended by BERG

8. Wear and tear on superficial areas that do not affect the function of the parts

9. Damage caused by natural disaster 

The warranty does not include

1. normal wear on items than normally wear (bearings, derailleur pads, spokes )

2. finishes and cosmetic treatments such as anodizing and decals

3. all other bicycle components

4. damage caused by others or incident damaged (where applicable)


If you do not follow these guide lines The warranty is invalid

1. do not use rim brakes on the carbon wheels

2. use a high pressure tube ribbon for tubeless riding

3. clean on regular base the carbon parts so no chemical product can effect the varnish

4. maximum tire pressure MTB 40psi

5. minimum tire pressure MTB 20psi

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